Did you know approximately 6,000 American pedestrians died in traffic crashes in 2017? Also, 137,000 received injuries in accidents that year.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) states that more than 4,000 die while approximately 70,000 pedestrians are injured in the US annually.

Most injuries and deaths are pedestrian accidents resulting from a few factors. There are a few common causes of pedestrian accidents, and we will look into them.

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Driver Negligence Causes Most Pedestrian Accidents

Many pedestrians injure themselves or die when crossing the road, and often, it is their fault because they fail to check the crosswalk and signals. But the negligence of the driver also causes many accidents.

Some drivers neglect the safety precautions necessary to avoid accidents. So, they even strike pedestrians obeying traffic rules. Usually, the driver’s negligence is due to some distraction.

Technological Advancement Causes Distractions

Drivers may fail to stop at traffic lights or signals, injuring or killing people. What causes distractions? Texting is a primary element that causes pedestrian car accidents. Drivers pay more attention to their mobile phones, checking messages, changing songs, answering calls, texting, using GPS, etc. Although, many drivers simply do not focus on what’s on the road. Some may be speeding or are under the influence of a substance.

Not only drivers but pedestrians risk their lives when using their phones or other devices on the streets.
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What are the Main Causes of Pedestrian Accidents?

The reasons are not many. Understanding them can help you prevent accidents. Here are six notable causes of pedestrian accidents.

Distracted Drivers: As we mentioned, distracted driving results in road accidents. Those who talk or text on their phones while driving risk their and pedestrian lives. Likewise, pedestrians attending their digital gizmo on the streets may be equally responsible for an accident. The solution is simple – do not use digital devices on the road, whether you drive or walk.

Impatient Drivers: A pedestrian may not see a vehicle on the road and start crossing against the traffic lights. Some drivers are impatient. They do not wait for pedestrians to cross the street or drive around them, causing an accident.

Impaired Drivers: Pedestrian and car accidents are typically related when the driver is impaired. Drivers who use their vehicles under the influence of a substance or are drunk on alcohol pose a threat to everyone on the road, including themselves. They may be out of their senses when making left turns or driving through crosswalks against the traffic lights.

You cannot prevent drivers from doing this, so the only solution is to avoid impaired drivers. Since you cannot know who is under the influence of a substance, be vigilant when on the streets.

Arterial Roads: Multiple lanes are dangerous for pedestrians. Drivers focus on other drivers speeding, changing lanes, tailgating, or taking sudden turns. In many cases, they may fail to focus on pedestrians or traffic signals. So, pedestrians must be careful when out on the road.

Bad Weather: Sometimes, nature can be angry. Bad weather can put drivers and pedestrians at risk. Slippery roads can make controlling vehicles nearly impossible, leading to skids. Hazardous walking conditions can cause a pedestrian to slip or stumble and fall in front of an unsuspecting driver.

Inappropriate Clothes: An accident involving a pedestrian can result from wearing black or dark-colored clothes at night. Pedestrians are out mostly at night. Those who want to walk the streets in the dark should wear white or other light colors. Using the phone’s flashlight or a pocket torch when crossing the road is vital.

Even though most crosswalks and intersections have plenty of light from street lamps, it is hard for drivers to see pedestrians who blend with the darkness behind the lights. Likewise, drivers must pay attention to pedestrians and expect them to walk the streets.

Final Words

While a pedestrian accident may be unavoidable, understanding the causes and putting efforts into preventive measures can significantly lessen the occurrence of road accidents. If an accident necessitates legal help, discussing the matter with a professional attorney is crucial.

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