No parent wants to receive a call saying their child had an accident.

While school bus accidents seldom occur, it becomes an unfortunate event when they happen. However, expert school bus accident attorneys suggest following specific protocols to secure the children on board.

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Driver Safety Protocols to Follow After Accidents

Did you know that school buses follow more regulations than any other vehicles on the road? They are designed to prevent collisions and injuries, unlike passenger vehicles. Additionally, stop-arm laws keep people from passing school buses illegally.

However, the drivers must uphold their responsibilities and follow specific safety protocols in the case of a bus accident.

Securing the Bus

If an accident happens, the bus driver must ensure the vehicle is safe from further harm. It involves showing appropriate warning signs and not moving the bus ahead without further instructions.

Checking and Ensuring the Students are Safe

The driver should check the bus passengers for injuries. Some drivers have appropriate training to administer immediate first aid while awaiting emergency medical services. They should evacuate everyone from the bus if it seems unsafe inside.

For example, the passengers should be at least a hundred feet away from the road if the bus is at risk of catching fire.

Reporting the Accident Immediately

Once done, the driver must immediately contact the dispatcher of the appropriate department with these accident details.

● Route number
● Bus number
● Location
● School name
● Injuries and accident severity

Calling the Police

The police and EMS must immediately receive notification about the accident and injuries if an ambulance is required. The school superintendent and principal should also receive notification about the accident.

Talking to Witnesses

A bus accident attorney helps here because statements can change the scenario. The driver can consult with those who witness the accident and acquire their names and addresses. However, the driver must not give any statements to insurance investigators, media, or bystanders. They should instead leave it to any available legal professional speaking on their behalf.

Protocols for Minor Accidents

Not all bus accidents cause serious injuries. For instance, if the bus experiences a minor accident, the driver should follow these protocols.

● They must check all students for injuries or pain.
● They should call 911 for an ambulance if a student reports injuries or pain.
● The driver will follow the route and go to the school if the students do not report any injuries. They will have the students checked by a nurse at the school.

The last protocol changes if the accident happens when the bus is taking the students home and they have not reported pain. The driver will notify the parents and advise them to take their children to a doctor for any possible pain or injuries.

What Happens After the Completion of the Protocols?

The school has its responsibilities once the bus driver reports the accident to the school authorities. The school principal must contact every student’s parents after an accident and let them know about the accident and their children’s status.

The situation may require them to take a few other steps, such as:

● See every student passenger’s health information from their enrollment cards.
● Go themself or send staff to the scene to inform the medics about any specific health needs.
● Ensuring that the students who are not taken to the hospital are checked by medics before releasing them to their parents.
● Visit the hospital if they receive the report of any fatalities or serious injuries.
● Inform the staff about the situation.
● The school nurse must be on standby at the school for any possible emergency assistance.

What Other Safety Protocols Should Bus Drivers Follow?

Apart from the above protocols following a school bus crash, the driver must adhere to a few other protocols to protect students and prevent accidents in the first place.

● They should watch out for students playing in the street, near the bus stop, or running to catch the bus.
● They should follow the state bus laws.
● They should undertake the required school bus driving training.
● They should flash yellow lights when preparing students’ loading or unloading, and flash red lights and drop stop arms when loading or unloading at a stop.

The driver or the school may be to blame if they do not follow the protocols when operating the bus and causes an accident. Some states hold them responsible for accident costs and all injuries.

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Final Words:

A traumatic brain injury lawyer or a lawyer with expertise in other personal injuries can help you with legal matters if you are involved in a school bus accident. Always consult with a professional before taking any step.

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