A couple years ago I was in a car accident that was extremely life changing to the point where I had to leave my job and drop out of college for a couple of months. Natural instinct of getting in a car accident was to get a lawyer. So there was this guy that we were talking to. He ended up forging my signature and I didn’t see a dime for months. I just thought I didn’t get any money from my accident. So I ended up telling one of my friends what happened and then she referred me to Mr. Mashney, which was her father. So I saw Mr. Mashney and it was a different situation because you don’t expect to be screwed over by a lawyer. So I told Mr. Mashney what had happened and he let me know that this lawyer had been involved in some shady activity and that I was entitled to my money. It was a long, hard and emotional process to get this other crook lawyer to give me the money I deserved. Honestly, Mr. Mashney treated me like family and I still appreciate it to this day that him and his law firm took care of me. Always answered my calls and questions. And they also made sure my experience wasn’t over whelming since I am only 21. I was 19 when I got into the accident. I trust Mr. Mashney and I still consider him my lawyer if anything else was to ever happen. Everything was straight forward. He always told me what was going on and I felt that I was getting the best experience, especially since I had to deal with that other crook lawyer. I appreciate everything the A1 Accident Lawyer has done for me. Also it was really thoughtful that he gave me a 15%-20% discount even though I never asked him too. I highly recommend him if you want your case to go as smoothly as possible and to get the results that you want.”