What are Some Common Causes of Brain Injury?
The causes of brain injury are quite varied. Physical trauma such as shaking, slips and falls, auto accidents, and sports injuries can damage the brain and cause it to jar against the skull in what is known as a closed injury. Cuts, gunshots, or other causes that penetrate the skull itself are known as open injuries. Both kinds of brain injury can cause long-lasting personality changes, difficulties processing information or moving the body, and can even lead to conditions like epilepsy or aneurysms. Though these injuries can range from mild concussions to full-blown paraplegia, one thing is certain TBI often requires life-long medical treatment.

TBI Treatment Options
Treatment options and prognosis vary along with the brain injury. And the victim is not the only one affected a whole family can suffer from their parents sudden inability to work, gigantic medical bills, and changes in memory, perception and personality. The good news is that TBI victims can sue those responsible for their injuries, collecting damages related to the costs of medical care, future treatment, inability to earn wages, and psychological or emotional trauma. However, a brain injury lawsuit isn’t as simple as filing a form. It requires an intensive review of medical records, investigation into the causes and potential negligence, and successful navigation of the often-confusing world of courtroom procedures.

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