Compensation For Birth Injuries in Orange County
For some soon-to-be parents, becoming a mom or dad has been a life-long dream. Throughout our lives, having a family has been the ultimate goal to reach. What we never anticipate in our dream is something going astray due to medical negligence. If your child has suffered injury as the result of medical malpractice during pre- or post-natal testing or the labor process, you may be entitled to legal action. Contact the Anaheim injury attorneys at A1 Accident Lawyer at (714) 535-5090. A pregnant woman goes into a hospital or birthing center expecting the best. Sadly, that doesn’t always happen. A birth injury can result when there is a disruption of oxygen to the brain of the infant during his birth, whether still in utero, during, or after the birth. If the physician cannot respond quickly enough or delivers delayed or substandard care, such as waiting too long to order a cesarean section, a birth trauma can result.

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