Stephen Mashney 

Born on the 4th of July, Stephen Mashney has independence running in his blood! Since childhood, he confronted bullies and fought his way from elementary school up till now. Stephen will not look the other way when he sees injustice. He will fight for the underdog and win. Stephen has compassion and respect to others, including animals. As a child, Stephen adopted countless stray cats and dogs and he will not hurt a fly today.

In 1978, Stephen received his Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from Cairo University, Egypt and worked as a pharmacist. In 1981, he received his second Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. Stephen was licensed and worked as a pharmacist in Florida. Afterwards, he moved to California, and became licensed to practice pharmacy in California.

Stephen soon realized that the count-and-pour pharmacy environment was not challenging enough to him. So, while working as a full-time graveyard-shift pharmacist, he enrolled in law school at San Francisco Law School, in San Francisco, CA. He graduated and received a Jurisprudence Doctorate (J.D.) degree, passed the California Bar examination on his first try, without a prep course, and was admitted to practice law in California.

In 1994, Stephen founded Mashney Law Offices (MLO) in Anaheim without working for any attorney employer. Today, MLO is a reputable and trusted law firm handling cases in various California and Federal courts, including:

  • Personal injury, auto, truck, motorcycle and other serious and catastrophic accidents,
  • Workers’ compensation,
  • Wrongful death,
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI),
  • Drowning,
  • Dog bites,
  • Products’ liability, and
  • Real estate law.

Mr. Mashney is also a licensed real estate broker and a notary public.

Mashney Law Offices received multiple compensations for its clients in 7 and 6 figure awards.


Ibrahim Ellahib

Mr. Ellahib knows how overwhelmed and frustrated a victim employee can become after being injured at work. After suffering a work injury, dealing with the employer and its workers’ compensation insurance can easily be overwhelming. Since becoming an attorney, Ibrahim’s practice has been primarily focused on workers’ compensation law.
Mr. Ellahib graduated from the University Of Southern California Gould School Of Law with a Master of Laws, LL.M. degree and from the Lebanese University with a Bachelor of Laws, LL.B. Ibrahim is a member of California Applicant Attorneys Association (CAAA) and California Lawyers Association, workers compensation section.
Ibrahim walks an empathetic and caring path towards his clients and their families. Through proper case handling, negotiations, and zealous litigation, Ibrahim ensures that every client receives proper medical treatment and compensation. Nonetheless, when an insurance company refuses to compensate a deserving victim client the reasonable value of their case; or unreasonably deny or delay a benefit under the workers’ compensation law, Ibrahim is not afraid to go the extra distance and put any case or issue before a workers’ compensation judge for trial and win for the client.

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