California Premises Liability
Property owners, managers, and maintenance crew are, by the nature of their positions, responsible for the safety of the property they are in charge of maintaining. When properties aren’t properly maintained, a variety of hazards can appear, including icy footpaths, broken stairs, slippery puddles, wrecked floors, and many other dangers. Any of these can lead to a slip and fall accident, trip and fall accident, or other type of injury incident.

When a person neglects to maintain a safe property or fails to quickly respond to hazardous situations, those who are injured as a result can hold property maintenance people responsible for losses. Premises liability law in California states that property owners and tenants are responsible for keeping their property hazard-free and warning others of dangers present. Property hazards often result in slip and fall or trip and fall accidents, leaving victims with severe injuries that require medical attention and long-term recovery.

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