Tractor-Trailer Accident Info
Every year, large commercial trucks, including semis and big rigs, are involved in thousands of vehicle accidents, leaving victims severely injured due to the violent and destructive nature of such accidents. Trucks are larger and heavier than almost every other vehicle on the road. As such, when another car, like a small passenger vehicle, is involved in an accident with a truck, those in the passenger vehicle can suffer catastrophic and fatal injuries. Frequently, a truck and its driver will suffer little damage from the accident due to the large size and heavy-weight of the vehicle.

Because of the dangerous nature of tractor trailers, truck drivers and trucking companies must obey strict regulations on their operation of the vehicle, length of time behind the wheel, and maintenance. These measures were created to prevent accidents that occur due to fatigue, negligence, and improper upkeep of the vehicle and its cargo. However, many drivers and companies choose to disobey these rules, putting other drivers at risk for a devastating accident.

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