Defective Product Claims

All companies, whether they are designers, manufacturers, or distributors, are expected to do their part in providing consumers with safe and reliable products. If they fail to uphold this duty and release a defective product that causes harm to consumers, they may be held liable in the court of law, even if the oversight from which the defect originated was unintentional. Such measures exist to protect consumers from the unfettered and wrongful practices of negligent companies that prioritize profit over everything else. It is important for consumers who suffer injuries due to defective products to consult with an Anaheim injury attorney and file a claim so they can bring these companies to justice.

Consumers trust companies to make reliable and safe products that they can use in everyday life without fear of injury; however, not all manufacturers create products with the safety of consumers in mind and often ignore regulations concerning how a product should be made. Depending on the product and the nature of its defect, a variety of injuries can be inflicting on unsuspecting consumers.

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