In the event of an accident caused by poor visibility, the at-fault driver may attempt to deflect the blame.

Whether or some other condition may have prevented him or her from seeing. It may be more difficult to pursue compensation for your injuries if blame is deflected.

You may wonder who is responsible for an accident caused by low visibility when you or a loved one are involved. Get in touch with the car accident lawyers today to discuss your legal options. Good legal firms offer you free consultation initially without any obligation to hire them.

A car accident lawyer in Orange County can help you prove that another party was responsible for the accident in low-visibility conditions so that you can receive the compensation you deserve for medical bills, lost wages, and other damages.

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Factors That May Affect Visibility

factors for low visibility car accidents

Natural and manmade factors can affect visibility on the roadway.

Certain weather events such as fog or rain can be problematic in the US during certain months of the year. Other conditions that can reduce visibility include:

• Heavy snowfall
• Wildfire smoke
• Dust storms

In certain places, low visibility can also be caused by man-made structures or conditions. For instance, the following could obstruct visibility:

• A construction zone that is not contained
• Leaving trees or hedges leaning into roadways untrimmed
• Occupying a roadway with structures that obstruct it

Drivers Still Owe You A Duty Of Care


Reduced visibility conditions can be difficult to anticipate. Changing air quality or weather systems can affect visibility. Generally, the driver’s reaction to changing conditions determines the fault for a car accident. When it is raining or the roads are wet, a driver should reduce his or her speed so that he or she can come to a complete stop if necessary.

In addition to obeying a stop sign or traffic light, a driver’s license comes with responsibilities. Drivers are also required to use reasonable caution to avoid harming anyone they encounter on the road, including taking appropriate precautions when conditions are poor.

If you were driving slow in smoky conditions when you were rear-ended by a vehicle, the driver who hit you may be liable for negligence if he or she failed to reduce speed appropriately before the accident. The right car accident lawyer in Orange County can help you with proper compensation.

You may be held liable if you are involved in an accident because your vehicle was not visible to another driver in conditions that require headlights.

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Who Else May Be Liable For My Damages?

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It is also possible for other parties not directly involved in an accident to be held liable for an accident due to low visibility.

Similarly, a construction company that does not properly contain its work zone or does not have the manpower to maintain a safe flow of traffic during construction can be held responsible for your damages.

Moreover, government municipalities or homeowners may be liable for your damages if trees or hedges block traffic signals or roadways, obscuring visibility. However, you should strongly consider speaking to a knowledgeable attorney if you are unable to prove liability for an untrimmed bush.

Tips For Safe Driving In Low Visibility


When the road conditions are poor, you should always take the necessary precautions to ensure your vehicle is visible.

It includes things such as turning on your headlights in low-light settings and using your turn signals when changing lanes. Use your hazard lights whenever you need to stop on the roadside for any reason to make yourself more visible to other drivers.

Keep an eye on your speed, too. Maintaining a responsible speed may allow you to respond in time to avoid hitting another vehicle or an inanimate object when visibility is low.

A good car accident lawyer in Orange County will review your case and provide a free no-obligation consultation. They can help you receive proper compensation as you deserve.

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