Are you unsure if you should hire a lawyer for your car accident claim?

Many crash victims wonder if they really need a lawyer. Sometimes, they think they can handle the claim themselves, perhaps because they have gone through the claims process before and recovered compensation.

It is often a bad idea to go it alone, as many victims end up leaving money on the table. Insurance companies often say misleading things about hiring a lawyer, yet some people allow themselves to be swayed by these statements.  

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We’ve discussed below some things insurance companies might say to crash victims to try to convince them not to hire a car accident lawyer

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Lawyers Take A Huge Chunk Of The Settlement

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It is common for insurance companies to claim that lawyers will take half of a victim’s settlement to cover their costs.

There are, however, laws that govern how much an injury lawyer can receive from a settlement or verdict to cover his or her costs. Lawyers cannot take half of a settlement.

Your Anaheim car accident lawyer is happy to answer your questions about how an attorney gets paid. The first thing you should know about our firm is that there are no upfront fees.

Our lawyers don’t get paid unless our clients get paid. Your lawyer assumes the cost of managing cases.

When insurance companies say hiring a lawyer is expensive, they leave out the fact that victims who hire lawyers often recover more compensation than those who do not.

By going it alone, you run the risk of not getting the compensation you deserve.

Attorneys Make The Process More Complicated

Insurance companies say that hiring someone to represent your best interests makes it more difficult for them to deny your claim or offer you a lowball settlement.

In addition to the fact that hiring a car accident lawyer hurts the insurance company’s bottom line, your main concern is recovering fair compensation, not making sure the insurance company protects its profits.

It could be argued that lawyers make the process a little more complicated. This is due to the fact that a lawyer will be committed to recovering full compensation.

Because the insurance company is not making reasonable settlement offers, the negotiation process may drag on.

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You Do Not Need A Lawyer; You Can Handle This On Your Own

By going it alone, you may receive compensation more quickly. However, will it be enough?

As someone who has filed insurance claims before, you may think you can handle things on your own.

Perhaps you filed a claim for compensation for vehicle damage. These claims are different from claims for injuries.

While you may be able to get compensation to repair your vehicle, recovering full compensation for an injury can be quite difficult without an auto accident attorney.

You may become desperate for compensation because medical bills will start piling up and you may not be able to pay them off.

Your phone calls and emails may be ignored as they drag their feet or make a lowball offer. In order to gain your acceptance, they want to wait you out.

With an attorney, you may be able to keep bill collectors away from doctors’ offices and hospitals. While your car accident lawyer seeks the settlement you need, our experienced attorneys are here to help you manage the situation.

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Lawyers Only Want Your Money

Your lawyer aims to help you recover compensation so that you can start rebuilding your life. But that’s not our only objective.

Your attorney helps you during this difficult time. In addition to helping you understand your rights; your lawyer may even be able to get you the proper medical care you need.

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