Federal regulations are mindful of the huge size and weight of trucks, which potentially pose a serious hazard to other vehicles on the road. Therefore, in the case of the truck accident, liability on the truck can be easily proven unless the fault is purely on Plaintiff or Plaintiff drops the ball during litigation. However, by hiring an experienced truck accident attorney, the Plaintiff is more likely to win.

There is no doubt that suffering a truck accident can be a scary experience. A truck accident case is a complex matter which often involves multiple parties and vehicles. So, it is in your best interest to seek help from an experienced truck accident lawyer in Anaheim.

For those people who still ask “Do I Need an Attorney after an Accident with a Truck?” The answer is a resounding yes! Only an experienced truck accident injury lawyer can help you get the maximum possible compensation.

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Number of truck accidents

When it comes to transport, California comes as one the first of the states in the US. It has one of the biggest truck industries in the US. There are more than 350,000 independent truck owner-operator truck drivers. With such a huge number, there is no doubt that California sees more truck accidents than any other state.

As per the latest data available, there were 290 cases of fatal truck injury happened in 2015. However, there are 2662 numbers of accidents recorded involving trucks in California alone. Therefore, you can understand the importance of hiring a truck accident lawyer.

Here are some important things to do after a truck accident

Report the accident

When the accident happens, you must not leave the place at once unless you are seriously injured. Turn on the hazard lights and get out of the car if possible. It will help the others to notice you from a distance. If you leave without giving your insurance information and showing your identity, you may be charged with the misdemeanor crime of hit-and-run.

You must call 911 to report the crash. The police will come and fill the report. Ask for a copy of the report as it will help you in future when you follow-up on your case.

Take Photographs

take photographs truck accident in anaheim

If possible, take photos of the accident venue. Take photos of all vehicles involved, especially the damaged sections. It will help to prove the liability of the defendant in the court. In case of suffering any injury like blood, etc., take the photo of that too.

It may be possible that the claim process will run for several months. So, in such cases, these photos will help you to prove your claim.

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Take the information of the other driver

Get the details from the driver of the truck or if there any other party involved in the accident. Here is a basic list of information that you need to collect.

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Insurance Information
  • License Plate Number
  • Driver’s License Number
  • Name of truck Company & Contact Information

You can provide this information to the lawyers later. It will help them to collect the evidence and witness for proving your claim in the court.

Get Medical Attention

get medical attention truck accident in anaheim

Once you move out of the accident location, you need to receive the proper medical treatment. It is possible that the sudden shock of the accident prevented you from feeling any pain or injury. Therefore, it is a must that you visit a doctor for a detailed examination to check if there is any injury or not. You must take your co-passengers also if they are injured too.

It is possible that later you may need therapy if the accident caused a deep mental impact on you.

Be sensible while talking to the insurance company

Insurance companies try to put the blame on the victim or on the other parties to abstain from paying the compensation. Therefore, while talking with them, you must carefully choose your words.

Rather it will be wise if you will consult your lawyer prior to talking to them.


In such cases, these matters do not even go to a court trial. An experienced truck accident lawyer convinces the insurance company to settle the case without a court trial.

Therefore, if you believe that you must get the compensation for the physical or mental or property damage you sustained, contact our experienced orange county lawyer now. We work on a contingency fee basis, which means you don’t pay us unless we win the case for you first.

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