Fullerton Car Accident Attorney

Fullerton Car Accident Attorney

Car Accident Lawyer Fullerton CA

If you are in search of a car accident lawyer Fullerton CA, then you have clicked the right page. It is eminent that you need cash for your medical expenses if you suffered injuries during a car accident.

If someone else is responsible for your accident, then it is the liability of a person or his insurance company to bear the expenses.

Often the responsible person avoids taking the liability of the accident and denies paying anything. In such a situation, you need a car accident lawyer. Fullerton is a traffic prone area, and it is another reason behind the increasing number of accidents in the locality.

State Route 91, Interstate 5, and State Route 57 all cross Fullerton, creating serious traffic. Some of the most traffic prone areas in Fullerton are Orange Thorpe Avenue, Magnolia Avenue, and College State Boulevard. Nearby Wayne Airport is another reason behind heavy traffic.

One cannot avoid tragic incidents, but can surely overcome it with proper medical treatment. In case you get denied the deserving compensation, contact A1 accident lawyer, car accident attorney Fullerton.

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What are the common causes of car accidents in Fullerton?

Road intersection and the increased number of traffic contribute in the accident, but A1 auto accident lawyer Fullerton CA identifies more reasons behind such devastating collisions. Here are some reasons for accidents.

Eating: One of the biggest reasons behind accidents is eating while driving. Remember, driving is a matter of focus. Any distraction can lead to accidents.

Drink & Drive: It is the most common reason for most accidents. Drinking impairs the vision and power of thinking. Driving needs 100% of attentiveness. Thus, one always should avoid drinking and driving.

Poor Weather: Weather is not in your hand. You have no control over the storm or rain. However, you have the control on your steering wheel, which you must not lose at any cost. During poor weather, one must drive the car more cautiously.

Speeding: Over speeding often causes accidents. Exceeding the speed limit makes you lose control over your car, which leads to accidents.  

Thus, you need to talk to the lawyer regarding the reasons causing an accident, prior to hiring the car accident lawyer Fullerton.

What are the different car accidents?

Before knowing the ways to deal with the compensation process, one must get an idea related to different car accidents. Here is a list.

  • Head-on collision
  • Side-impact/T-Bone
  • Rollover
  • Rear-end crash
  • Hit-and-run
  • Sideswipe
  • Multi-vehicle wrecks

Depending on the accident, the injury varies. You must talk with your car accident lawyer Fullerton CA regarding this.  

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For what type of injuries, you get the compensation?

Personal injury cases are straightforward. One needs to prove the injury and liability of the responsible person behind the injury. Here is a list of injuries during a car accident.

What is essential to get compensation?

Filing the claim for compensation is not enough. With the help of A1 accident lawyer, you need to prove that the defendant is fully or partially responsible for the injuries that happened to you.  

If the case moves to trials, here are the things that our best car accident lawyer Fullerton will prove to get your compensation.

  • The defendant has a duty towards the plaintiff
  • The defendant breached the duty
  • The negligence of the defendant caused the accident/injury
  • That defendant is liable
  • The defendant should pay for the injury or damage

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How can A1 Accident Lawyer help you?

It is not the defendant only, but the insurance company does not want you to get the deserved compensation. They always try to protect their benefit and to give as least as the compensation amount.

They try to close the settlement quickly. They try to pursue you even while your medical treatment is not over. They know you will hire car accident lawyer Fullerton to claim your compensation.

Here are the reasons to choose the A1 accident lawyer:

Give time to recover

You need time to recover after an accident. Our lawyer will ensure it. They will not let you run between court and hospital. They will ensure that you get proper rest and remain ready for the court proceeding. By that time, we will proceed the legal matters.


Hiring a lawyer is not an easy task. Irrespective of the field experience matters everywhere. In legal battles, experience matters more. With over 25 years of experience, our car accident lawyer Fullerton can give you the best legal help.

Contingency fees structure

We understand difficulties for a victim suffering an injury to pay the lawyer fees upfront without knowing the case results. We charge the fee on a contingency basis which means you need not pay anything unless we will win the compensation money for you.

Therefore, do not worry at all. In case you have suffered an injury for a car accident, feel free to contact us.

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