When you are out on the road walking or driving, it is always advised to stay alert to your surroundings. Why?

Because whether or not you are the defaulter, there will always be someone whose callousness or lack of concentration might result in causing an accident. So, to lower that chance, you yourself have to keep your mind straight and alert while on the street.

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But accidents can happen with anyone at any given point right?

It’s totally not foreseeable! And with such circumstances come common car accident injuries, some of which might even turn to be fatal if not addressed adequately.

In this blog post, we will be discussing the various general car accident injuries and the ways you can seek to tackle or avoid the severity and suffering.

General injuries caused by car accidents

Let us address the first part of our topic of discussion. There are many common circumstances that prevail as a consequence of any car accident. It’s like if you have a fever, it’s compulsory for your body to heat up! Similarly, some most common injuries associated with car accidents are as follows-

  • Cuts and bruises
  • One of the most common effects of a car crash on the human body is injuries such as cuts, bruises, and scraps.

    Any loose objects inside the car such as eyeglasses, cell phones, books, purses, keys, etc. get thrown about in the interior during the time of a car accident.

    Now, at that short dash of momentum, any of these objects have the capacity to injure and cause cuts or bruises or scraps to your body. They might even cause other injuries but these are the primary form of consequences that happen the most.

    But, it is also a fact that most cuts and bruises are minor and do not necessitate medical attention. More serious injuries may necessitate stitches.

  • Fractures
  • The force during a collision can cause your body to collide with other parts of the vehicle, putting your whole body under strain that it cannot withstand. This can happen in a variety of ways. Your arm could become trapped between your body and the door and fracture.

    Alternatively, the force with which your seat belt snaps may fracture some of your ribs. Broken bones are very common injuries that are temporary sufferings and have fewer chances of being life-threatening unless the collision went too bad.

    Although some fractures may necessitate surgery to set the bone and place hardware to aid in the healing process. Depending on the type of break, you may need a couple-months rest and recovery, but if your treatment goes well, you should be back to normal life in no time.

  • Head and skull injuries
  • Head or skull injuries can range in severity from being quite minor to severe and even fatal. The sudden stop or change in direction of a car causes the passengers to move in unexpected and unnatural ways. These movements can cause neck and back muscle strains and sprains.

    However, the head can also be injured. When a person’s head collides with a side window or the steering wheel, it can be cut or bruised.

    A severe head impact can result in an internal hemorrhage, which results in bruising and tearing of brain tissue and blood vessels. The majority of closed head injuries result in concussions, but more severe impacts can result in long-term brain damage.

    So, this apparently seeming minor injury, might even turn out to be life-threatening injuries from car accidents.

  • PTSD
  • When our bodies are subjected to extreme stress, such as in a car accident, emotional and mental conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can develop.

    Symptoms may include fear of driving after an accident, aversion to specific sounds or images of the unfortunate accidents, or even sleeping problems caused by anxiety or nightmares.

    At times like these, the best and most effective treatment happens to be coming from therapists and psychiatrists who are experts in their respective fields and would definitely be of great help for you to deal with PTSD.

    Such cases are very much likely to be taken up by an Orange County personal injury lawyer, as medical bills might get huge at such distresses.

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    How to tackle or avoid such circumstances?


    • First things first, this rule does not work when the accident has been caused by some other party. This is wholly for you to help you avoid or tackle such situations if they ever occur to you somewhere, at some point in time.

    • If you are driving, always remember to wear seat belts. That’s a bit of very common advice that every other person might be giving, but it actually works like a miracle in extreme situations! Seat belts actually hold you to the seat firmly, thereby not permitting the body to move much, resulting in fewer chances of broken bones or severe injuries.

    • Always try to keep your own vehicle in mint condition. That is, make sure whenever you are going out driving, every component and part of the car is functioning correctly. This can also help to avoid accidents when you are driving at high speeds, especially on freeways.

    • Keep a check on the speed limits. Most accidents nowadays happen because of overriding speed limit rules.

    • Hiring a car accident lawyer in Orange County is a great idea if you are a resident and have faced such unforeseen events and suffered from them. They are super supportive and expert at their jobs to extract compensation from the accused for the medical expenses of the victim.



    Thus, these are the four most usual injuries caused due to common types of car accidents. So, be safe, drive safe, follow the rules, and do abide by the contingency plan if you ever come across as the victim of any such unfortunate event.

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