Global warming. Unclean waters. There is no denying that public awareness of environmental issues is higher than ever. But did you know that environmental factors could be to blame for your Anaheim personal injury and that you might be eligible to collect compensation with environmental litigation?

Environmental Litigation Against Negligent Companies
Environmental litigation is a process of bringing negligent companies and individuals to justice and suing them in order to compensate for the costs of dealing with the injuries caused by their negligence. Common causes of Florida environmental litigation include emissions that lead to cancer; toxic waste dumping that can lead to poisoning or birth defects, and corporate carelessness that can lead to unclean water or dangerous products.

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What Causes Environmental Injuries?
The causes of environmental injuries can be varied. Untrained employees might act carelessly; large companies might dump toxic waste improperly due to cost constraints or lack of understanding about federal and state laws and regulations. Unfortunately, the fallout from these careless mistakes can be severe for families who must deal with pain, hospitalization, expensive medical treatment, lost ability to work, long-term disability, even death.

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Some companies respond to complaints of wrongdoing with a blind eye and a cold shoulder; others provide a token sum through their insurance companies in the hopes that the victims will be quiet and let them go about their dangerous business as usual. Luckily, these companies can be prosecuted through the civil courts and damages pursued to compensate victims for their injuries. Hopefully, these cases will serve as a deterrent to companies who feel they can endanger others through irresponsible environmental practices. For assistance, please contact an Anaheim environmental litigation lawyer at A1 Accident Lawyer for a free consultation.


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